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The Lula's Chocolate Story

Lula is Born


Owner Scott's grandmother, Lula Lund was born in Wyoming in 1901. She learned the art of confectionery from her home economics teacher, who boarded at her family's home. 

Mrs. Lund's Personality Chocolates

Salt Lake City

Being a young married woman during World War II, Lula began to sell chocolates out of her home in order to bring in extra money for her family. She would continue to sell chocolates for thirty years until she retired. 

A New Generation

Salt Lake City

After retiring, Lula would continue to make chocolates for friends and family for the holidays, since Utah's hot summers were not the best for chocolate making. Her grandson Scott in the meantime had earned an MBA and built a successful career before moving back to Salt Lake. It was here that he learned the art of confectionery alongside his grandmother.

Science Behind the Art

Salt Lake City

After six years of making confections alongside Lula, Scott decided to enroll in several confectionery classes to learn the science behind the art he had learned. After Lula passed away at the age of 99, Scott would continue to send chocolates as gifts to friends and family around the country.  

Bringing Back the Business

Salt Lake City - Monterey

After several friends encouraging him to sell his confections, and after making chocolates for the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Scott was finally convinced he could make this a business. The plan was to move to the coast, a place where there is "chocolate weather" all year round. Scott relocated his family to Carmel, California and began Lula's - a tribute to the woman who started it all.

Lula's Today

Monterey, California

Today, Lula's currently has retail stores in Carmel and Santa Clara, along with its factory in Monterey. Our products can also be found at many local vendors, and can be shipped anywhere in the US. Lula's traditional recipes are at the heart of everything we make, and we do our best to carry on her legacy with the best ingredients to create the world's finest chocolates.